NRF: Graduate / Internship Programme 2019

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Closing Date: 2 November, 2018

The National Research Foundation (NRF) is responsible for the management of the DST-NRF Internship Programme in which unemployed Science, Engineering and Technology (SET) graduates and postgraduates (including those in Social Sciences and Humanities) are offered an opportunity to acquire practical work experience through mentoring and an exposure to a research environment. This opportunity is also offered to those unemployed graduates and postgraduates who are interested in research management; research support and administration through placement at research offices in public higher education institutions and research agencies. Candidates with disabilities are especially encouraged to apply. Applications are invited from candidates who are interested in acquiring work experience in specific areas of specialisation or disciplines.

Please look below for more information about the Provinces and Areas of Specialisation/Disciplines (Choose 1 discipline
per province up to a maximum of 3 in order of preference):

Eastern Cape
Agricultural Economics • Agricultural Management • Agricultural Sciences •Analytical Chemistry • Animal Production • Animal Scien ce • Anthropology •Biochemistry • Biological Oceanography • Bi ology • Biotechnology • Botany •Chemistry • Communication & Media Studies • Communication Technologies •Computer Sciences • Computer Software • Dental Sciences • Development Studies • Ecology • Ecology & Environmental Science • Education • Electrical Engineering • Ele ctronic Engineering • Engineering Sciences • Environmental Studies • Epidemiology • Fisheries • Food Sciences & Technology • Fresh Water Biology & Limnology • Health Informatics • Health Promotion & Disease Prevention • Health Systems Research • Horticulture • Indust rial Psychology & Sociology • Information & Computer Technologies • Information Systems •Inorganic Chemistry • Knowledge Management (Records Administration) •Languages & Literature • Linguistics • Management • Marine Biology • Material Sciences & Technologies • Ma thematics • Mechanical Engineering • Microbiology • Molecular & Cell Biology • Nursing Science • Nutrition • Obstetrics & Maternal H ealth • Oceanography • Organic Chemistry • Physical Chemistry • Physics •Physiology • Plant Production • Political Sciences • Political S ciences & Public Policy • Process Engineering • Public Health • Public Management & Administration • Quality Management • R & D Psychology • Research Management, Research Support & Administration • Rural Development • Social Science • Social Work • Sociology • Soil & Water Sciences • Sports & Recreational Arts • Sports Science • Statistics • Statistics & Probability • Zoology
Free State
Agricultural Economics • Agriculture • Agrometereology • Analytical Chemistry Animal Production • Animal Science • Anthropology • Architecture Biochemistry • Biotechnology • Botany • Chemistry • Civil Engineering Communication & Media Studies • Cultural S tudies • Development Studies Ecology & Environmental Science • Education • Food Sciences & Technology Forest Science • Genetics • Geology • Home E cono mics • Human G eography Immunology • Industrial Psychology & Sociology • Infectious Diseases Inorganic Chemistry • Languages & Literature • Linguistics • Mathematics Medical Virology • Microbiology • Molecular & Cell Biology • Musicology Pharmacology • Philosophy • Physical Chemistry • Physical Geography Physiology • Plant Biotechnology • Plant Production • Political Sciences & Public Policy • Polymer Science • Psychology • Research Management, Research Support & Administration • Sociology • Soil & Water Sciences • Sustaina ble Development • Town & Regional Planning .
Aeros pace & Aeronautical Engineering • Agricultural Economics • Agricultural Engineering • Agricultural Management • Agricultural Sciences Agrometeorology • Analytical Chemistry • Anatomical Sciences • Animal B reeding & Genetics • Animal Production • Animal Science • Anthropology Applied Mathematics • Archaeology • Architecture • Artificial I ntelligence Astronomy • Atmospheric Science & Meteorology • Atomic, Molecular & Nuclear Physics • Biochemistry • Bio – engineering • • Biological Sciences • Biology Biomedical Technology • Biometrics • Biophysics • Biostatistics • Biotechnology Botany • Chemical Engineering • Chemical Pathology • Chemical Sciences Chemistry • Chemistry Sciences Engineering • Civil Engineering Communication & M edia Studies • Communication Technologies • Computer Engineering • Computer Multimedia S ystems • Computer Programming Computer Science • Computer Software • Construction Industry & B uilding Demography • Dental Sciences • Design S tudies • Development Studies • Dram atic arts • Ecology • Ecology & Environmental Science • Economics • Education •Electrical Engineering • Electronic Engineering • Embryology & Fetal Development • Endocrinology • Energy • Engineering • Engineering Management • Engineering Sciences • Environmental Engin eering • Environmental Health •Environmental Studies • Epidemiology • Fine A rts • Food Sciences & Technology • Food Technology • Forensic Sciences • Forest Science • Fresh Water Biology & Limnology • Genetics • G eographic Information Systems • Geology • Geophysics • Ha ematology • Health • Health Economics • Health Informatics • Health Promotion • Health Promotion & Disease Prevention • Health Systems Research Health Technology • Historical S tudies • Horticulture • Human G eography Human Resources • Hydrology • Immunology • Industr ial D esign • Industrial Engineering • Industrial Psychology & Sociology • Information Communication Technology • Information & Computer Sciences • Information & Library Science Information Management • Information Systems & Technology • Information Technology • I nternational Relations • IT – Graphic Design • Knowledge Management (Records Administration) • Languages & Literature • Law •Management • Manufacturing & Process Technologies • Marine Biology • Material Sciences & Technologies • Mathematical Sciences • Mathematics • M echanical Engineering • Medical Microbiology • Medical Virology • Mental Health & Substance A buse • Metallurgical Engineering • Microbiology • Mining E ngineering • Molecular & Cell Biology • Morphology • Natural Sciences Neuroscience • Nuclear Engineering • Nursing Science • Nutrition • Operations research • Orthopaedics • Performing A rts • Pharmacology • Photography Physical Chemistry • Physical Geography • Physics • Physiology • Plant Biotechnology • Plant Production • Political Sciences • Political Sciences & Public Policy • P olymer Science • Psychology • Public Health • Public Management & Administration • Public Relations • Quality Management • Quantity S urveying • R & D Psychology • Research Management with Mathematics • Research Management, Research Support & Administration • Respira tory D iseases • Rural Development • Science Education • Science Journalism • Social Science • Social Work • Sociology • Soil & Water Sciences • Space & Earth Science • Sports Medicine • Statistics • Statistics & Probability • Surgery • Sustainable Development • Theology • Theoretical & Condensed Matter Physics • Town & Regional Planning • Toxicology • Trauma • Veterinary Science • Virology • Zoology
Agricultural Economics • Agriculture • Agrometereology • Analytical Chemistry •Animal Production • Animal Science • Anth ropology • Applied Mathematics •Archaeology • Artificial Intelligence • Astronomy • Atmospheric Science & Meteorology • Biochemistry • Bio – engineering • Biological Sciences • Biology •Biotechnology • Botany • Chemical Engineering • Chemistry • Civil Engineering •Commu nication & Media Studies • Computer Engineering • Computer Hardware • Computer Multimedia S ystems • Computer Programming • Computer Science Cultural S tudies • Dental Sciences • Development Studies • Earth Science Ecology • Ecology & Environmental Science • Educati on • Electrical Engineering Electronic Engineering • Energy • Engineering Management • Environmental Engineering • Environmental Health • Environmental Studies • Epidemiology •Fisheries • Food Sciences & Technology • Forest Science • Fresh Water Biology & Limnology • Genetics • Geochemistry • Geographic Information Science Geology • Geophysics • Geospace Physics • Haematology • Health • Health Economics • Health Informatics • Health Promotion • Health Promotion & Disease Prevention • Health Systems Research • Horticulture • Hydr ology Industrial Biotechnology • Industrial Engineering • Industrial Psychology & Sociology • Infectious Diseases • Information & Computer Sciences • Information & Library Science • Information Systems & Technologies • Inorganic Chemistry IT Graphic Design • Lan guages & Literature • Linguistics • Management • Marine Biology • Material Sciences & Technologies • Mathematics • Mechanical Engineering • Medical Microbiology • Medical Technologies • Medical Virology Microbiology • Molecular & Cell Biology • Nutrition • Obstetrics & Maternal H ealth • Organic Chemistry • Pharmacology • Physical Chemistry • Physics •Physiology • Plant Biotechnology • Plant Production • Political Sciences & Public Policy • Psychology • Public Health • Public Management & Administration Rehabilitation Medicine • Research Management with Mathematics • Research Management, Research Support & Administration • Respiratory D iseases • Social Science • Social Work • Sociology • Soil & Water Sciences • Space & Earth Science • Sports Science • Statistics • Statistics & Probability • Sustainable Development Toxicology • Veterinary Microbiology • Veterinary Science • Virology • Zoology
Agricultural Economics • Agricultural Engineering • Agriculture Agrometereology • Analytical Chemistry • Animal Diseases • Animal P arasitology • Anima l Production • Animal Science • Anthropology • Biochemistry • Biology Biotechnology • Botany • Cardiovascular D iseases • Chemical Engineering Communication & Media Studies • Computer Science • Development Studies Ecology & Environmental Science • Education • Elec tronics Engineering Environmental Studies • Food Sciences & Technology • Forest Science • Fresh Water Biology & Limnology • Game Ranching & Farming • Geology • Geophysics Horticulture • Human G eography • Hydrology • Industrial Psychology & Sociology • Information & Computer Sciences • Information & Library Science Information Systems & Technology • Information Technology • Inorganic Chemistry • International Relations • Invertebrate Taxonomy • Knowledge Management (Records Administration) • Library Services • Limnology • L inguistics • Macro – Invertebrates • Material Sciences & Technologies Mathematics • Mechanical Engineering • Microbiology • Molecular & Cell Biology • Nutrition • Nutrition & Metabolism • Organic Chemistry • Parasitology • Physical Chemistry • Physical Geography • Phys ics • Physiology • Plant Production Psychology • Public Health • Research Management, Research Support & Administration • Rural Development • Science Education • Social Science • Social Work • Sociology • Soil & Water Sciences • Sports & Recreational Arts • Sports Sc ience • Statistics & Probability • Taxonomy • Theoretical & Condensed Matter Physics • Town & Regional Planning • Veterinary Nursing • Zoology
African Languages • Agricultural Economics • Biology • Education • Food Sciences & Technology • Food Technology • Information Communication Technology • Microbiology • Physical Geography • Plant Production • Research Management, Research Support & Administration • Zoology
Northern Cape
Analytical Chemistry • Applied Mathematics • Botany • Computer Programming •Computer Scie nce • Ecology • Ecology & Environmental Science • Information Systems • Inorganic Chemistry • Microbiology • Organic Chemistry • Polymer Science • Science Education • Stati stics & Probability • Zoology
North West
Agricultural Management • Agricultural Sciences • Astr onomy • Atomic, Molecular & Nuclear Physics • Biochemistry • Biological Sciences • Biostatistics •Biotechnology • Cardiovascular Diseases • Chemistry • Civil Engineering •Communication & Media Studies • Construct ion Industry & Building •Demography • Diabetology • Di etetics • Ecology & Environmental Science •Education • Epidemiology • Food Sciences & Technology • Forest Science • Fresh Water Biology & Limnology • Genetics • Health • Health Promotion & Disease Prevention • Healt h Systems Research • Health Technology • Home Econom ics •Horticulture • Information Systems & Technologies • Management Manufacturing & Process Technologies • Marine Biology • Mathematical Sciences • Microbiology • Molecular & Cell Biology • Neuroscience • Nursing Science Nutrition • Nutrition & Metabolism • Pharma cology • Physics • Physiology • Plant Production • Psychology • Public Health • Public Management & Administration Research Management, Research Support & Administration • Social Sciences Social Work • Sociology • Soil & Water Sciences • Statistics
Western Cape
A erospace & Aeronautical Engineering • Agricultural Engineering • Agricultural Management • Agriculture • Anaesthesia & Pain Management • Analytical Chemistry • Anatomical Sciences • Animal Production • Anthropology • Applied Mathematics • Archaeology • Astronomy • Atm ospheric Science & Meteorology •Biochemistry • Bio – engineering • Biological Sciences • Biology • Biomedical Technology • Biophysics • Biostatistics • Biotechnology • Botany • Cardiovascular diseases • Chemical Engineering • Chemistry • Civil Engineering Communication & Media Studies • Computer Programming • Computer Science •Computer Software • Dermatology • Development Studies • Diabetology •Ecology • Ecology & Environmental Science • Education • Electrical Engineering •Electronic Engineering • Embryology & Fetal Development • Endocrinology •Energy • Energy Efficiency • Engineering • Engineering Management •Engineering Sciences • Environmental Engineering • Environmental Health •Environmental Studies • Epidemiology • Food Sciences & Technology • Forensic Sciences • Fresh Water Biology & Limnology • Genetics • Geochemistry • Geology• Geospace Physics • Haematology • Health Economics • Health Informatics •Health Promotion • Health Promotion & Disease Prevention • Health Systems Research • Health Technology • Historical Studies • Horticulture • Human G eography • Hydrology • Immunology • Industrial Biotechnology • Industrial Engineering • Industrial Psychology & Sociology • Infectious Diseases Information & Computer Sciences • Information & Library Science • Information Systems • Information Systems & Technology • Inorganic Chemistry • Knowledge Management (Records Administration) • Management • Manufacturing & Process Technologies • Marine Biology • Material Sciences & Technologies • Mechanical Engineering • Medical Biotechnology • Medical Virology • Metallurgical Enginee ring • Microbiology • Molecular & Cell Biology • Morphology • Musicology Natural Sciences • Neuroscience • Nutrition • Nutrition & Metabolism Oceanology • Organic Chemistry • Paediatrics & Child H ealth • Paleontology Particle & Plasma Physics • Pharmacology • Phen omenological Physics Physical Geography • Physics • Physiology • Plant Biotechnology • Plant Production • Political Sciences • Psychology • Public Health • Public M anage ment & A dministration • Quality Management • R & D Psychology • Research Management, Research Su pport & Administration • Respiratory D iseases • Rural Development • Science Education • Science Journalism • Social Science • Social Work • Sociology • Soil & Water Sciences • Space & Earth Science • Sports & Recreational Arts • Sports Medicine • Sports Science • Stati stics • Statistics & Probability • Surgery • Sustainable Development • Theoretical & Condensed Matter Physics • Toxicology • Veterinary Science • Virology • Zoology


  • To be eligible to apply, candidates must be:
  • South African citizens or permanent residents who hold a South African identity. Non-South Africans are not eligible to apply.
  • Unemployed graduates who hold an Advanced Diploma or Bachelor’s degree at NQF level 7, Honours or BTech degrees at NQF level 8 and MTech or Master’s degrees at NQF level 9 qualify to apply for this internship. Applicants who are in their final year of study may apply provided that studies will be completed by 28 February 2019 and would therefore be able to provide proof of qualification before commencement of internship on 1 April 2019.
  • In the fields of Science, Engineering, and Technology (SET), Research and Development, Social Sciences and Humanities.
  • 35 years old or younger at the time of submitting an application.

The following candidates are NOT eligible to apply:

  • Candidates holding a National Diploma at NQF level 6 as well as DTech and PhD at NQF level 10
  • Candidates who would be registered full-time, as well as first year registered Masters (part-time or full time) students during the 2019 academic year
  • Candidates who have been beneficiaries of the DST-NRF Internship Programme in the past


The internship programme is offered for a period of 12 months. Successful applicants will be required to sign a contract for the duration of the internship.


Interns will receive a monthly salary ranging between R6 070.00 and R8 050.00 per month – depending on the level of qualification.


Participating Host Institutions are located throughout the country and so interested applicants should ensure that they apply for a position available in the province where they would like to be placed. Kindly note that the NRF does not pay relocation costs to any appointed candidates who choose to relocate to another province.


Short listing and interview of applicants will be conducted by mentors at the participating Host Institutions. Applicants will be shortlisted and contacted using the personal email provided in the application to schedule interviews. Applicants are advised to check their emails regularly during the period18 December 2018 to 31 March 2019.


Apply Online for the NRF Graduate / Internship Programme.

Applicants must first register under the tab new registration and provide their personal details as required. After registration, log in with your ID number and password, go to my applications and create an application and then Internship Programme Applicants 2018 and apply there following instructions. The closing date for applications is 02 November 2018, no late applications will be considered.


  • Certified copies of certificates;
  • Certified academic records; and
  • Certified copy of the South African ID


For technical online enquiries, please contact the Support Desk (Mondays to Fridays from 08h00 to 16h30) on: Tel: (012) 481 4202 or E-mail:

For programme related queries contact:
Sello Raseruthe
Tel: (012) 481 4388

Monwabisi Mfihlo:
Tel: (012) 481 4023

Correspondence will be limited to short listed candidates only. If no correspondence has been received 4 months after the closing date, applicants should consider their applications unsuccessful. Successful applicants will start their internship on 1 April 2019.

The Special Investigating Unit (SIU) is offering an internship opportunity

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Closing Date: 12 october 2018

The Special Investigating Unit (SIU) is offering an internship opportunity in the field of Forensic Law. This Structured Program is intended for a period of 12 months.
Successful applicants will be based at our various provincial offices across eight (8) South African Provinces (with the exception of the Northern Cape).
The Program will prepare the successful applicants with a wide variety of knowledge and skills within an anti-corruption investigations environment where a multi-disciplinary approach is taken towards investigations and civil litigation. Successful candidates will be exposed to, amongst others, provision of external and internal opinions and advice, guiding of investigations towards legally driven outcomes, preparing evidence for civil and criminal litigation and disciplinary proceedings.

The s uccessful applicants will be:

  • Expected to enter into a 12 months Fixed Term Contract commencing 01 December 2018 and terminating 30 November 2019.
  • Paid a monthly stipend.

The successful applicants must have the following qualifications, skills and attributes:

  • Bachelor of Laws.
  •  Ability to work within a multi – disci plinary team environment.
  •  Committed, dedicated, hardworking with good time management skills.
  • Attentive to detail. · Willingness to learn and time – schedule driven.
  • Computer literacy: Word, Excel and PowerPoint

 In addition, applicants must be:

  • South African citizens.
  • Between the age of 18 – 35 with no work experience.
  •  People with disabilities and women are encouraged to apply

Accompanying documents:

  • Certified copy of identity document.
  • Certified copy of Bachelor of Laws qualification. (with full academic record indicating individual modules/courses)
  • Proof of r esidence
  • Copy of an abridged CV

Applications that are not accompanied by the aforementioned documents will be disqualified. Where the applicant has not been contacted within one month from the closing date, the applicant must consider the application unsuccessful.

Successful applications will be subject to a screening process prior to intake.

How To Apply

Download Application Form

Applications for this post can be forwarded to or Fax to Email: 086 451 0091

Buffalo City Metropolitan Municipality Job Opportunity

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Closing Date: 28 September 2018
Location: East London

The Buffalo City Metropolitan Municipality is offering work experience opportunities for the 2018 / 2019 financial year in various units.

Applications are invited from candidates who have completed the following qualifications in their respective fields of study: National Diploma (M+3), Bachelor and Honours Degree:

1 / 18 (l)Environmental Health Services

[x2] National Diploma in Environmental Management, Environmental Health or Chemistry

[x2] National Diploma in Public /  Environmental Health, Registration with Health Professional Council of South Africa, Code 8 Drivers License National Diploma Office Administration

2 / 18 (l)Fire and Rescue

[x1] National Diploma in Administration

3 / 18 (l)Communications

[x1] National Diploma  / Degree in Journalism  / Communications / Media or Graphic Design

4 / 18 (l)Traffic

[x3] National Diploma  in Public Administration / Management or Office Management

5 / 18 (l)Internal Audit

[x2] National Diploma in Auditing /  Accounting

6 / 18 (l)Municipal Services – EL ZOO

[x1] National Diploma in Veterinary Nursing or Diploma in Curin Animals Registration with the South African Veterinary Council

[x1] National Diploma in Horticulture Driver’s License Code 10

[x1] National Diploma in Nature Conservation  / H.E.D Biology Studies

7 / 18 (l)Disaster Management

[x1] National Diploma / Degree with GIS, Geography or Information Management as a major subject

Code B / EB Driver’s License

8 / 18 (l)IDP / PMS / Integrated Environmental Management and Sustainable

[x2] National Diploma  / Degree in Public Administration

[x2] National Diploma  / Degree in Environmental Management  / Science / Botany / Nature Conservation

9 / 18 (l)Executive Support Services

[x1] National Diploma  / Degree in Public Administration  / Management

Deputy Mayors

[x1] National Diploma  / Degree in Public Administration /  Political Analyst

10 / 18 (l)Legal Services

[x2] LLB Degree

11 / 18 (l)Public Participation

[x1] National Diploma  / Degree Office Administration  / Public Administration or Development Studies

12 / 18 (l)Finance

[x4] M+3 Degree in Commerce majoring in Accounting, Risk Management and Auditing, Cost and Management Accounting or BTech in Supply Chain Management

13 / 18 (l)Mechanical Workshop and Fleet Services

[x1] National Diploma  / Degree in Mechanical Engineering

[x1] National Diploma / Degree in Office Management  / Public Management

14 / 18 (l)Fresh Market

[x1] National Diploma  / Degree in Office Administration

[x1] National Diploma / Degree in Accounting-

[x1] National Diploma in Food Technology

15 / 18 (l)Tourism, Arts & Culture

[x1] Tourism Diploma  / Marketing Diploma  / Public Relations Diploma

16 / 18 (l)Human Resources Management

[x2] National Diploma or Degree in Human Resources, LLB Degree, Labour Relations, Industrial Relations or relevant qualification equivalent to NQF 6

17 / 18 (l)Trade and Industry Development (Business Development)

[x1] National Diploma  / Degree in Small Enterprise Development ND / Degree in Financial Accounting, Community Development Studies or Public Administration

18 / 18 (l)PIU (Project Implementation Unit)

[x1] National Diploma  / Degree in Development Studies  / Social Science

[x1] National Diploma  / Degree in Environmental Health or other Tertiary qualification supporting Health & Safety in Construction or Health & Safety Management

[x2] National Diploma  / Degree S4 in Civil Engineering Valid Code B / EB Driver’s License

19 / 18 (l)Risk Management

[x1] National Diploma / Degree in Internal Auditing  / Accounting / Risk Management




Candidates who are suitably qualified as per the minimum requirements for the post set out in the advertisement are to submit a copy of their curriculum vitae together with a covering letter, along with the relevant required documentation for a specific post. (i.e. certified copies of certificates not copies of certified copies, diplomas, degrees, identity Document and drivers’ licenses, where applicable). Non-submission of the required supporting documentation may disqualify a candidate. Candidates are advised that the obligation rests upon them to demonstrate that they meet the minimum requirements specified for the post. Any candidate who does not meet the minimum requirements will be automatically disqualified.

Fraudulent qualifications or any information submitted and the canvassing of councilors or officials will disqualify any candidates with immediate effect. Candidates are cautioned that documentation and information provided is checked with relevant authorities and fraudulent submissions may also lead to criminal charges being laid against persons involved in submission thereof.

Buffalo City Metropolitan Municipality reserves the right not to fill any or all of the positions advertised at the sole discretion of Council.

How To Apply

Applications can be hand delivered to the Human Resources Department, Buxton House, Buxton Street or posted to the Directorate of Corporate Services, P.O Box 134, East London, 5200.

Nestle job Opportunity is now open

Image result for Nestle job Opportunity is now open

Location: Johannesburg

Graduates are invited to submit applications for the Graduate Program, upon successful completion of the program the candidate will be required to undergo assessments to determine their position within the organisation. The specific roles are not predetermined but would depend on individual aptitude and business needs.

Key Requirements:

  • An accredited Commercial Degree / Honours in Marketing essential
  • Must have a valid Driver’s License
  • Over 65% academic average
  • Shows a drive to achieve ambitious performance objectives and quality standards
  • Willingto take every opportunity to learn and grow
  • South African Citizen preferably EE candidates

Candidate Profile:

  • Good with people interaction
  • Entrepreneurial
  • Great communication skills
  • Goal-driven
  • Outgoing personality
  • Hard-working
  • Target-driven
  • Go-getter
  • Fast learner
  • Passionate about Brands

How To Apply

Apply Online for the Nestle Marketing Graduate / Internship Programme


Pep Store Manager (Lusikisiki – Mthatha Area)


To promote sales, reduce losses, manage stock, manage people and control expenses in order to meet business targets.

• Increase sales
• Stock loss
• Drive a low cost business according to company standards
• Ensure administrative duties within the store are in accordance with company standards
• Management of team

• Grade 12
• Business related tertiary qualification would be an advantage
• Computer Literate
• Strong Leadership abilities – giving recognition and support, giving direction and guidance, communicating and interacting, service orientation
• Management abilities – Planning, Organising and Control; Problem solving, Decision making & Analysing

CLOSING DATE:   Thursday, 06 September 2018

Should you meet the above criteria, please submit a brief CV of not more than 2 pages or fax to 031-201-9220.

If you do not hear from us within 4 weeks of the closing date of this position, please regard your application as being unsuccessful.

Pep strives for equal opportunity in terms of employment equity guidelines.


Other job visit PEP STORE WEBSITE 

Foschini is Now Hiring

Image result for foschini

Location: Parow

Internal Auditing Grad / Intern

  • Relevant B.Com degree
  • Willing to obtain a CIA certification

Apply Online for the Foschini Internal Auditing Graduate / Internship Programme

Industrial Engineering Grad / Intern

  • National Diploma/ Degree in Industrial Engineering

Apply Online for the Foschini Industrial Engineering Graduate / Internship Programme

Marketing Grad / Intern

  • A Degree or National Diploma in Marketing/ related field of study

Apply Online for the Foschini Marketing Graduate / Internship Programme

Digital Marketing Grad / Intern

  • A relevant tertiary qualification

Apply Online for the Foschini Digital Marketing Graduate / Internship Programme

Designer Grad / Intern

  • A relevant degree or diploma in Clothing Management or Design (including pattern design qualifications) or Clothing Production

Apply Online for the Foschini Designer Graduate / Internship Programme

Driver and Handyman Vacancies

1 – 2 years handyman or general maintenance experience. Valid PDP Driverslicense and a clear driving record….
We are looking for a driver/handyman to join our ZaPOP family. The successful candidate will be responsible for ensuring the safe transportation of employees/clients, collecting and delivering of documents, packages and other items between various destinations, as well as assisting with general maintenance, handyman work and other ad hoc duties in and around our offices.

Requirements: Matric/Grade 12 or equivalent Valid PDP Drivers license and a clear driving record Minimum 2 years driving experience 1 – 2 years handyman or general maintenance experience Well-presented & professional Bi-lingual in English and Afrikaans
Competencies: Integrity Deadline-driven Good communication & social skills Performing under pressure Customer focused Taking initiative Service-orientated
Duties: Collect, deliver and purchase items for our offices Transport employees and possible clients Conduct routine inspections on the company vehicle Identify possible maintenance jobs by conducting routine inspections on office premises Ensure that the company vehicle is well-maintained, clean and serviced regularly Perform general handyman and ad hoc maintenance duties in and around the company premises
To Apply visit>>


Coca cola Job Opportunity is Now Open

Job Title: Coca cola (Pty)
Company: Confidential
Country: South Africa
State/City: Giyani
Publication Date: 28/08/2018

Coca cola (Pty) Ltd is leading

Company,manufacturing & delivery cold

Drinks all over the world.

Urgently looking for the code14 drivers

& assistant for a long distance &

Crossboarder delivery with a valid

PDP,passport, dangerous goods, SARS

Tax number and police clearance .

Also looking for the general workers

For cleaning office & bus,pic

n packers, stock control,cashiers,

Admn clerks, foreman & supervisors,

Truck& bakkies owners.

Applicants must have SA citizenship,

Able to work during the weekend and

Overtime are paid .understand, Sotho,

Tswana and English. Permanent position




Misa is Hiring Apply Online

Closing Date: 16 September 2018


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  • Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Geographic Information Systems, Environmental Management, Town and Regional Planning, Project and Construction Management. MISA is offering a 3-year internship, except for Town Planning where the candidature is for 2 years, towards professional registration in terms of prescripts as set by the relevant regulatory and professional bodies. Whilst the programme is not exclusively limited to individuals from previously disadvantaged communities, MISA strives for excellence in the context of service delivery and skills development backlogs and encourages historically disadvantaged individuals to apply. The MISA Young Graduate programme is a structured work-based internship development programme focused on taking young graduates from various Universities and Technikons through a structured work plan in order to increase their work experience and achieve professional registration as professionals with the relevant statutory professional registration bodies.

The recruitment cohort for the 2018/2019 financial year is exclusively aimed at the above mentioned areas only. Successful candidates will enter into an agreement with MISA and be deployed to technical divisions in municipalities. The following 55 priority district municipalities will be participating in this recruitment and potential young graduates from within these municipal areas are strongly recommended to apply:



  1. Elias Motswaledi – Civil Engineering
  2. Ephrahim Mogale – Town Planning, Regional Planning
  3. Blouberg – Town Planning, Regional Planning and Civil Engineering
  4. Lepelle – Kumpi – Civil Engineering
  5. Greater Giyani – Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Project and Construction Management
  6. Musina – Town Planning, Regional Planning
  7. Polokwane – Electrical Engineering
  8. Thabbazimbi – Town Planning, Regional Planning
North WestQualifications: Civil Engineering and Environmental Management

  1. Kgetlerivier
  2. Moses Kotane
  3. Madibeng
  4. Ditsobotla
  5. Ramotshere Moiloa
Northern CapeQualifications: Civil Engineering

  1. Dawid Kruiper – and Electrical Engineering
  2. Tantsabane – and Electrical Engineering
  3. Gamagara
  4. Renosterberg
  5. Kareeberg
  6. Thembilihle
  7. Siyancuma – and Town Planning, Regional Planning, Electrical Engineering
Free State

  1. Lesemeng – Town Planning, Regional Planning and Electrical Engineering
  2.  Masilonyana – Environmental Management and Electrical Engineering
  3. Maluti – Town Planning, Regional Planning and Electrical Engineering
  4. Mafube – Geographic Information Systems
Eastern Cape

  1. Engcobo – Civil Engineering and Project and Construction Management
  2. Kouga – Town Planning, Regional Planning and Civil Engineering
  3. Mnquma – Civil Engineering and Project and Construction Management
MpumalangaQualifications: Town Planning, Regional Planning, Environmental Management, Civil Engineering and Electrical Engineering

  1. Lwekwa – (except Town and Regional Planning)
  2. Emalahleni
  3. Goven Mbeki – (except Electrical Engineering)
GautengQualifications: Civil Engineering and Project and Construction Management

  1. West Rand
  2. Lesedi
  3. West Rand

  1. Jozini – Town Planning and Civil Engineering
  2. Ndwendwe – Town Planning and Civil Engineering
  3. UMgungundlovu – Civil Engineering and Project and Construction Management
  4. Umvoti – Town Planning and Civil Engineering
  5. Nkosazana Zuma – Civil Engineering and Project and Construction Management
  6. Mpofana Civil Engineering and Project and Construction Management
  7. Inkosi Langalibalele – Civil Engineering and Project and Construction Management
  8. UMzinyathi  – Town Planning and Civil Engineering
Western Cape

  1. Kannaland – Civil Engineering and Project and Construction Management
  2. Laingsburg – Civil Engineering and Project and Construction Management
  3. Beautford West – Civil Engineering and Project and Construction Management
  4. Prince Albert – Civil Engineering
  5. Matzikamma – Civil Engineering
  6. Cederberg – Civil Engineering and Project and Construction Management

Eligibility (Young Graduates): University graduates meeting the minimum academic requirements in the following disciplines:

  • Construction & Project Management: Bachelor’s degree or National Diploma
  • Civil Engineering : Bachelor’s degree or National Diploma or 3-year B. Tech degree
  • Town & Regional Planning: Bachelor’s degree or National Diploma or 3-year B. Tech degree
  • Electrical Engineering: Bachelor’s degree or National Diploma or 3-year B. Tech degree

Eligibility (Experiential Learners): Continuing enrolled learners in Universities, TVETs or Technicons needing work exposure to fulfil the minimum academic requirements in the following disciplines:

  • Construction & Project Management: Bachelor’s degree or National Diploma
  • Civil Engineering : Bachelor’s degree or National Diploma or 3-year B. Tech degree
  • Town & Regional Planning: Bachelor’s degree or National Diploma or 3-year B. Tech degree
  • Electrical Engineering: Bachelor’s degree or National Diploma or 3-year B. Tech degree
  • Geographic Information System


  • Computer Literacy
  • Qualifying proven continuous academic records

MISA does not guarantee post-internship employment to graduates owing to participation in the internship programmes. All applications need to include:

  • Curriculum vitae
  • Copies of original relevant qualifications
  • Certified Copy of Identity Document
  • Proof of Residential address

Forward fully completed application forms (or must be requested via email: accompanied by a covering letter, a comprehensive CV and certified copies of Identity document, and qualifications. *Applications without the above will not be considered. MISA reserves the right to / not to make appointments. If no response is received from MISA in 90 days after the closing date, it must be regarded that your application was unsuccessful. Correspondence regarding the advertised positions will be limited to successful candidates only.

  1. Candidate will be subjected to suitability checks including qualifications, employment, credit, criminal records, company ownership / directorship and reference checks
  2. Applications received after the closing date and time will not be considered
  3. Fraudulent qualifications or documentation will immediately be disqualified
  4. Direct or indirect canvassing for preferential treatment will lead to immediate disqualification of the relevant applicant

How To Apply



Municipal Infrastructure Support Agent (MISA)
1303 Heuwel Avenue, Riverside Office Park
Letaba House

Enquiries: Ms Thulisile Mosoeu, (012) 848 5362 or Ms Nobuhle Latha, (012) 848 5329

McCain Foods: Graduate / Internship Programme 2019

Closing Date: 21 September 2019
Location: Johannesburg

McCain Foods(SA) is offering a structured one year Graduate Trainee Program to Graduates in the following fields:

  • Food Science
  • Consumer Science
  • Economic or Financial Management
  • Cost and Management Accounting
  • Mechanical or Industrial Engineering
  • Information Systems and Technology
  • Human Resources Management
  • Supply Chain Management
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  • The program offers Graduates the opportunity to gain experience in a complex business with a supply chain that starts from agriculture to manufacturing, supply chain and distribution to the sales and commercial side of this global FMCG and manufacturing business.

    The program will cover leadership and personal development as well as practical exposure to projects and the day to day operations of this family owned business.

    How To Apply

    Apply Online for McCain Foods Graduate / Internship Programme