How to Pass Matric With a Bachelor

We all need good results in our academic studies. Good results can help you get scholarships and entrance at good academic institutions. So here are some help for you to get good matric resuls. How to pass matric with distinctions.

1.Break up your remaining workload into small sections. It’s easier to complete small sections than attempt to sit down for hours, studying textbooks in one go. Tackle the workload one section at a time.

What to do with your matric results, pass or fail.

2. Visualise your plans for next year. Match your vision with the performance you need to get there. You still have other subjects to write, so it is important to not abandon the vision; the jackpot is within sight.

Things to do after passing matric

3. Continue to put in solid and consistent effort on your remaining work. Don’t be tempted to take unnecessary days off with the intention of cramming later.

4. Don’t let negative emotional energy impact on what you can still achieve. If things did not go well at the beginning of your exams, remember that renewed and continued effort can mean the difference between a range of study options and limited prospects.

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Learn what to do after passing matric


How to Get Free Products Samples for Promotion in South Africa

How to Get Free Products Samples for Promotion. Did you know that you can get companies to send you free products and samples . . . just by signing up for newsletters? That’s right, no surveys or gimmicks, just signing up for receiving free updates could get you some free stuff or coupons.

How to Get Free Products Samples for Promotion

Most people think that you have to participate in dodgy surveys or enroll on even dodgier websites, but this way you just ask the company directly yourself. You may think that it is a little degrading to ask for free stuff, but trust me, they have so many products to give away that they will be glad you did ask!


Some companies may not reply at all and some might, it depends a little on luck, but you are bound to get something. Some things you could get are: Household product samples Perfume samples Makeup samples Coupons (for free products or 50% off) Full-size products Discounts and vouchers In this article you will learn the ins and outs of getting free stuff, which companies you should write to, how to do it yourself, my story, and Tom Locke’s story (he wrote to 100 companies which cost him $39, shows what he got and more on his website).



Tips to Getting Free Products in the Mail Make a list of the companies whose products you use and really love. Find contact information, preferably a mailing address. Write a sincere letter expressing how much you love the products. Wait until the end of the letter to ask for free samples.

Or you can click here to request for free products samples in South Africa.

Yes free samples, no payments required. All you need to do is sign up for updates via email and you might just enjoy cool free samples.


List of Courses Offered by UNISA

List of Courses Offered by UNISA


The demand of skilled workforce in South Africa and in other parts of Africa has forced many people to enroll in various universities. UNISA courses are the best because they are offered through distance learning. Both private and public colleges are shifting their focus to distance learning because many people prefer studying at home or work. If you want to enroll in one of the accredited distance learning institutions, then UNISA should be your first choice. Therefore, take advantage of the ongoing admission to achieve your academic dreams. We are going to provide you with a list of UNISA courses 2019, so make sure you read on.


unisa short courses, unisa courses list

UNISA is undoubtedly one of the prestigious universities in African that offers distance learning. The university is located in South Africa. It is one of the largest distance learning institutions in South Africa. It is also the longest standing dedicated distance institution in the world. The institution provides some training opportunities suitable for people from various walks of life with the theoretical background and practical skills. Through distance learning, UNISA ensures that its expertise in training, education, and capacity building is made available and affordable to all people through its courses.


UNISA was established in 1873 as the University of the Cape of Good Hope. The University grew to become the first public institution in the world to provide distance learning in 1946. Since then it has been the only university in South African that provides people with access to learning irrespective of color, race or creed. Through its rootedness in the African continent, we can genuinely claim that UNISA is the best university in Africa in the service of humanity. We believe that we need to adapt quickly to the changing education environment which is reflected in the leadership practice, and management style. The primary aim of UNISA is to harness the emerging potential communication and information technology to catapult the institution into a truly digital future.

UNISA courses and requirements

unisa short courses unisa short courses fees unisa courses list unisa application website

Below is a list of courses offered at UNISA:

Higher Certificates

  • Higher Certificate in Accounting Sciences
  • Higher Certificate in Adult Basic Education and Training
  • Higher Certificate in Animal Welfare
  • Higher Certificate in Archives and Records Management
  • Higher Certificate in Banking
  • Higher Certificate in Criminal Justice
  • Higher Certificate in Economic and Management Sciences
  • Higher Certificate in Education
  • Higher Certificate in Insurance
  • Higher Certificate in Law
  • Higher Certificate in Life and Environmental Sciences
  • Higher Certificate in Marketing
  • Higher Certificate in Retailing
  • Higher Certificate in Social Auxiliary Work
  • Higher Certificate in Supervisory Management
  • Higher Certificate in Tourism Management

Advanced Certificates

  • Advanced Certificate in Accounting Sciences


  • Diploma in Accounting Sciences
  • Diploma in Administrative Management
  • Diploma in Agricultural Management
  • Diploma in Animal Health.
  • Diploma in Corrections Management
  • Diploma in Explosives Management
  • Diploma in Human Resource Management
  • Diploma in Information Technology.
  • Diploma in Law
  • Diploma in Local Government Finance
  • Diploma in Marketing Management
  • Diploma in Nature Conservation.
  • Diploma in Ornamental Horticulture.
  • Diploma in Policing
  • Diploma in Public Administration and Management
  • Diploma in Public Relations
  • Diploma in Security Management
  • Diploma in Small Business Management
  • Diploma in Tourism Management
  • National Diploma: Engineering: Chemical (NDENG)
  • National Diploma: Engineering: Civil (NDECI)
  • National Diploma: Engineering: Electrical Clinical Engineering (NDEEN – CEN)
  • National Diploma: Engineering: Electrical Computer Systems (NDEEN – COS)
  • National Diploma: Engineering: Electrical Electronics and Electronic Communication (NDEEN – EEC)
  • National Diploma: Engineering: Electrical Mechatronics (NDEEN – MEC)
  • National Diploma: Engineering: Electrical Power Engineering (NDEEN – PEN)
  • National Diploma: Engineering: Electrical Process Instrumentation (NDEEN – PIN)
  • National Diploma: Engineering: Industrial (NDEID)
  • National Diploma: Engineering: Mechanical (NDEMC)
  • National Diploma: Mine Surveying (NDMSR)
  • National Diploma: Mining Engineering (NDMIN)
  • National Diploma: Pulp and Paper Technology (NDPPT)
  • National Diploma: Safety Management (NDSMN)
  • Postgraduate Certificate in Education (Foundation Phase and Early Childhood Development) Foundation Phase (02631 – FDP)
  • Postgraduate Certificate in Education (Intermediate and Senior Phase) New Curriculum (02623 – NEW)
  • Postgraduate Certificate in Education (Senior Phase and Further Education and Training) New Curriculum (03980 – NEW)

Advanced Diploma

  • Advanced Diploma in Accounting Sciences Certificate in The Theory of Accounting (98230 – CTA)
  • Advanced Diploma in Accounting Sciences Financial Accounting (98230 – FAC)
  • Advanced Diploma in Accounting Sciences Internal Auditing (98230 – AUI)
  • Advanced Diploma in Accounting Sciences Management Accounting (98230 – MAC)
  • Advanced Diploma in Accounting Sciences Taxation (98230 – TAX)
  • Advanced Diploma in Information Resource Management (90007)
  • Advanced Diploma in Nature Conservation (98028)
  • Advanced Diploma in Ornamental and Landscape Horticulture (90094)
  • Advanced Diploma in Security Management (98235)

Baccalaureus Technologiae Degrees

  • Baccalaureus Technologiae: Agricultural Management (BTAGM)
  • Baccalaureus Technologiae: Animal Health (BTANM)
  • Baccalaureus Technologiae: Engineering: Chemical (BTENC)
  • Baccalaureus Technologiae: Engineering: Chemical (Environmental) (BTECE)
  • Baccalaureus Technologiae: Engineering: Civil Environmental Engineering (BTECV – ENV)
  • Baccalaureus Technologiae: Engineering: Civil Structural (BTECV – STR)
  • Baccalaureus Technologiae: Engineering: Civil Urban Engineering (BTECV – URB)
  • Baccalaureus Technologiae: Engineering: Civil Water (BTECV – WAT)
  • Baccalaureus Technologiae: Engineering: Electrical Clinical Engineering (BTELN – CEN)
  • Baccalaureus Technologiae: Engineering: Electrical Computer Systems (BTELN – COS)
  • Baccalaureus Technologiae: Engineering: Electrical Power Engineering (BTELN – PEN)
  • Baccalaureus Technologiae: Engineering: Electrical Process Instrumentation (BTELN – PIN)
  • Baccalaureus Technologiae: Engineering: Electrical Telecommunication (BTELN – TEL)
  • Baccalaureus Technologiae: Engineering: Industrial (BTENI)
  • Baccalaureus Technologiae: Engineering: Mechanical (BTMEE)
  • Baccalaureus Technologiae: Explosives Management (BTEXP)
  • Baccalaureus Technologiae: Safety Management (BTSMN)

Bachelor Degrees

  • Bachelor of Accounting Sciences in Internal Auditing. (98303 – AUI)
  • Bachelor of Accounting Sciences in Management Accounting. (98304 – MAC)
  • Bachelor of Accounting Sciences in Taxation. (98318 – TAX)
  • Bachelor of Administration. (98315 – BAD)
  • Bachelor of Accounting Sciences in Financial Accounting. (98302 – FAC)
  • Bachelor of Arts (99311)
  • Bachelor of Arts (Culture and Arts) Multimedia Studies: Audiovisual Multimedia (02305 – MA1)
  • Bachelor of Administration in Human Settlements Management. (90016 – HSM)
  • Bachelor of Arts (Culture and Arts) Multimedia Studies: Multimedia in Digital Visual Arts (02305 – MMD)
  • Bachelor of Arts (Culture and Arts) Multimedia Studies: Visual Multimedia (02305 – MV1)
  • Bachelor of Arts (Culture and Arts) Multimedia Studies: Computer-Generated Multimedia (02305 – MC1)
  • Bachelor of Arts (Health Sciences and Social Services) Applied Psychology for Professional Contexts (02313 – APP)
  • Bachelor of Arts (Health Sciences and Social Services) Community and Health Psychology (02313 – CHP)
  • Bachelor of Arts (Health Sciences and Social Services) Psychological Counselling (02313 – COU)
  • Bachelor of Arts (Human and Social Studies) Public Administration and Communication Facilitation (02291 – PAF)
  • Bachelor of Arts in Communication Science (98051)
  • Bachelor of Arts in Community Development (98618)
  • Bachelor of Arts in Creative Writing (99313)
  • Bachelor of Arts in Criminology (98681)
  • Bachelor of Arts in Development Studies (99312)
  • Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Management (98055)
  • Bachelor of Arts in Forensic Science and Technology (90002)
  • Bachelor of Arts in Government, Administration and Development (99301)
  • Bachelor of Arts in International Relations (99302)
  • Bachelor of Arts in Nursing Science Health Services Management and Education (0216X – HHS)
  • Bachelor of Arts in Nursing Science Health Services Management, Education and Community Health (0216X – HSM)
  • Bachelor of Arts in Police Science (98683)
  • Bachelor of Arts in Policy Studies (99303)
  • Bachelor of Arts in Political Leadership and Citizenship (99304)
  • Bachelor of Arts in Politics, Philosophy and Economics (90079)
  • Bachelor of Business Administration. (98316 – BBA)
  • Bachelor of Commerce. (98314 – GEN)
  • Bachelor of Commerce in Business Informatics. (98300 – BIS)
  • Bachelor of Commerce in Business Management. (98310 – BSM)
  • Bachelor of Commerce in Economics. (98305 – ECS)
  • Bachelor of Commerce in Financial Management. (98306 – FMN)
  • Bachelor of Commerce in Human Resource Management. (98307 – HRM)
  • Bachelor of Commerce in Industrial and Organizational Psychology. (98308 – IOP)
  • Bachelor of Commerce in Law. (98309 – LAW)
  • Bachelor of Commerce in Marketing Management. (98301 – MKT)
  • Bachelor of Commerce in Public Procurement Management. (98767 – PPM)
  • Bachelor of Commerce in Quantitative Management. (98311 – QMA)
  • Bachelor of Commerce in Supply Chain and Operations Management. (98766 – SCM)
  • Bachelor of Commerce in Tourism Management. (98312 – TRT)
  • Bachelor of Commerce in Transport and Logistics. (98313 – TRL)
  • Bachelor of Consumer Science (Fashion Retail Management Stream) (98005 – FAR)
  • Bachelor of Consumer Science (Fashion Small-business Management Stream) (98005 – FSB)
  • Bachelor of Consumer Science (Food Retail Management Stream) (98005 – FOR)
  • Bachelor of Consumer Science (Food and Clothing Stream) (98005 – FCL)
  • Bachelor of Consumer Science (Food and Nutrition Stream) (98005 – FNU)
  • Bachelor of Consumer Science (Hospitality Management Stream) (98005 – HOM)
  • Bachelor of Education in Foundation Phase Teaching (90102)
  • Bachelor of Education in Intermediate Phase Teaching (90103)
  • Bachelor of Education in Senior Phase and Further Education and Training Teaching (90104)
  • Bachelor of Information Science (99310)
  • Bachelor of Laws New 2018 (98680 – NEW)
  • Bachelor of Music (90089)
  • Bachelor of Science Applied Mathematics and Computer Science Stream (98801 – AMC)
  • Bachelor of Science Applied Mathematics and Physics Stream (98801 – AMP)
  • Bachelor of Science Applied Mathematics and Statistics Stream (98801 – AMS)
  • Bachelor of Science Chemistry and Applied Mathematics Stream (98801 – CAM)
  • Bachelor of Science Chemistry and Computer Science Stream (98801 – CCS)
  • Bachelor of Science Chemistry and Information Systems Stream (98801 – CIS)
  • Bachelor of Science Chemistry and Physics Stream (98801 – CAP)
  • Bachelor of Science Chemistry and Statistics Stream (98801 – CAS)
  • Bachelor of Science General (98801 – GEN)
  • Bachelor of Science Mathematics and Applied Mathematics Stream (98801 – MAM)
  • Bachelor of Science Mathematics and Chemistry Stream (98801 – MAC)
  • Bachelor of Science Mathematics and Computer Science Stream (98801 – MCS)
  • Bachelor of Science Mathematics and Information Systems Stream (98801 – MIS)
  • Bachelor of Science Mathematics and Physics Stream (98801 – MAP)
  • Bachelor of Science Mathematics and Statistics Stream (98801 – MAS)
  • Bachelor of Science Statistics and Physics Stream (98801 – STP)
  • Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Science (Agricultural Business and Management stream) (90082 – ABM)
  • Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Science (Animal Science Stream) (90082 – ANS)
  • Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Science (Plant Science Stream) (90082 – PLS)
  • Bachelor of Science in Computing. (98906 – COM)
  • Bachelor of Science in Environmental Management (Botany Stream) (98052 – EBO)
  • Bachelor of Science in Environmental Management (Chemistry Stream) (98052 – ECH)
  • Bachelor of Science in Environmental Management (Zoology Stream) (98052 – EZO)
  • Bachelor of Science in Informatics. (98907 – INF)
  • Bachelor of Science in Life Sciences (Biochemistry (or Physiology or Microbiology) with Business Management Stream) (98053 – BBM)
  • Bachelor of Science in Life Sciences (Biochemistry and Botany Stream) (98053 – BAB)
  • Bachelor of Science in Life Sciences (Biochemistry and Microbiology Stream) (98053 – BAM)
  • Bachelor of Science in Life Sciences (Biochemistry and Physiology Stream) (98053 – BAP)
  • Bachelor of Science in Life Sciences (Biochemistry and Zoology Stream) (98053 – BAZ)
  • Bachelor of Science in Life Sciences (Botany and Microbiology Stream) (98053 – BNM)
  • Bachelor of Science in Life Sciences (Botany and Zoology (with Geography) Stream) (98053 – BZG)
  • Bachelor of Science in Life Sciences (Microbiology and Physiology Stream) (98053 – MAP)
  • Bachelor of Science in Life Sciences (Microbiology and Zoology Stream) (98053 – MAZ)
  • Bachelor of Science in Life Sciences (Physiology and Zoology Stream) (98053 – PAZ)
  • Bachelor of Science in Life Sciences Biomedical Sciences (98053 – BMI)
  • Bachelor of Science in Life Sciences Biotechnology Stream (98053 – BIT)
  • Bachelor of Science in Life Sciences Genetics and Zoology (or Botany, Microbiology, Physiology or Biochemistry) (98053 – GZB)
  • Bachelor of Theology General (2 Majors) (99305 – GE2)
  • Bachelor of Theology General (4 Half Majors) (99305 – GE4)
  • Bachelor of Visual Arts (02224)
  • Bachelor of Theology General (1 Major) (99305 – GEN)
  • Bachelor of Science in Life Sciences Psychology and Physiology Stream (with Genetics) (98053 – PPG)

UNISA part time courses

UNISA provides their students with an option of studying either full time or part-time. The problem with part-time courses is that it will take you more years to complete your study. The good thing about part-time is that you will manage to work and at the same time study.


UNISA short courses

  • Professional Practice Framework for Internal Auditor
  • Financial and Accounting Principles for Public Entities
  • Introduction to Performance Auditing
  • Introduction to the Internal Audit Process
  • Managing Health and Nutrition in Adverse Conditions
  • Introduction to Agribusiness Management
  • Community Asset Mapping for Change
  • Environmental Law and Liabilities for the Regulated Community
  • Environmental Law & Environmental Management Legal Enforcement
  • Barista Skills
  • Blended-learning Studies
  • Business Management
  • Industrial and Organisational Psychology
  • Public Administration and Management
  • School of Business Leadership
  • Decision Sciences
  • Transport Economics, Logistics, and Tourism
  • Business Law
  • Criminological Sciences
  • Applied Criminal Justice

UNISA courses and fees 2019

The fees charged for the courses offered by UNISA is much lower than other educational institutions. The fees charged depends on your qualifications and the number of modules you have chosen. The average fees that you will pay for between four and six modules will between *R1 470,00 and *R3 800,00 per module. You should understand that the module costs are not inclusive of prescribed books. Therefore, you should factor in the costs of the books in your calculation of the total costs of the study. UNISA short courses fees will be charged just like other courses.


Bridging courses at UNISA

You may want to start with a Bachelors degree, but you do not have a good matric certificate or you do not meet the entry requirements. The only way you can achieve this is by using the lower level qualifications as a bridging course. You should look at the certificate and diploma programmes that are related to the degree program.

bridging courses at unisa unisa courses and requirements

Entry requirements

Your admission to UNISA depends on meeting various admission requirements for the chosen qualification. If you can’t meet the requirements, you should consider another alternative. Review the general requirements for all the courses you are interested in before making a decision.

How to apply

You can apply for admission through either hardcopy or online using the UNISA application website. After the application closing date, no documents will be accepted. Once you have received a student number from UNISA, you need to pay an application which is non-refundable. You will pay R105 for online applications and R160 for hard copy applications. For banking details visit


Contact information

Telephone: 012 429 3111


UNISA has more to offer apart from the academic programs. All the students are provided with the same opportunities by the institution. UNISA courses are competitive in the market which provides you with important skills and knowledge relevant in the job market. With UNISA, you can manage to work and at the same time continue with your studies. Choose the course you would like to pursue from the above UNISA courses list and achieve your academic dreams from home or at work. Enroll with us now to receive the best education and training.



Matric Rewrite: The Second Chance Programme

Matric Rewrite: The Second Chance Programme

You can improve your matric by registering for a matric rewitr second chance programme free from the Department of Education. Find a matric rewrite center in your district.


  • Learners are able to meet the requirements of the NSC or SC and obtain a Grade 12 matric certificate
  • Increase learner retention
  • Increase computer skills, job opportunities and career pathing
  • Learners are able to access bursary opportunities for further studies
Targeted Subjects
  • Accounting
  • Agricultural Sciences
  • Business Studies
  • Economics
  • English FAL
  • Geography
  • History
  • Mathematics
  • Mathematics Literacy
  • Physical Science
  • Life Sciences


There are NO COSTS! All tuition is offered for free!!!!


Face to Face Classes:

  • Offered by Grade 12 teachers with an excellent track record
  • Offered at 50 venues, mainly in rural and semi-rural areas, nationally for June and November examinations only.

Multimedia Broadcasting Solutions

  • Telematics Broadcasts at selected schools – nationally except GP
  • Internet Broadcasting Programme (IBP) at selected schools in the Free State
  • HD Open View Television Broadcast s – Channel 201 at 36 venues, nationally or privately (500 000 households connected)
  • Dstv Channel 319 , Mindset Television Broadcasts (4.5 Million households connected)
  • SABC Education Geleza Nathi broadcasts weekdays on SABC 1 from 5am to 6am with repeats at 11pm
  • SABC Education Geleza Nathi YouTube videos

Digital Online Course Via Internet

  • Online course to support learners
  • Available throughout the year
  • Compatible on all devices
  • Available offline via the CAP at libraries, community centres, etc. (Mzanzi Online Libraries Project)
  • Can be accessed on personal computers or at the 74 Vodacom centres, libraries, community centres, etc.
  • No data costs for Vodacom subscribers utilising the Vodacom E – Learning site
    • Mind the Gap in 8 of the 11 subjects
    • Past question papers
    • Study tips
    • Maths and Science textbooks
    • Available at Face to Face classes or from District Offices and DBE Offices
    • Supplementary Exam Candidates: Learners who wrote the NSC the previous year and qualify to write a maximum of 2 subjects to meet the requirements of the NSC Examinations which are written in February/March. Face to Face Classes will take place in Feb/ March for a period of 12 hours.
    • Progressed Learners: Learners who wrote the NSC the previous year but did not sit for all 6 subjects (multiple options) and will write the examinations for the outstanding subjects in June. Face to Face Classes will take place in April/June for a period of 30 hours.
    • Senior Certificate (amended) Examination Candidates: Learners registered to write the Senior Certificate (amended) examinations in June. Face to Face Classes will take place in April/June for a period of 30 hours.
    • NSC Examinations Part-time candidates: Learners who attempted the NSC examinations post 2008 and will write the examinations in November. Face to Face Classes will take place in August/September for a period of 30 hours.

    Contact your District Office/DBE website or call centres for the contact details of the following venues:

    Face to Face venues

    Multimedia venues and Broadcast schedules

    1. Open View HD Broadcasts

    2. Telematics Schools

    3. IBP Schools

    4. SABC Education Geleza Nathi Broadcasts on SABC 1

    NYDA Centres

    Internet Access Sites

    1. Vodacom Centres

    2. Mzansi Libraries On-Line

    3. Thusong Centres

    4. SABC Education Geleza Nathi YouTube Videos

  • You may also find private colleges to rewrite your matric. Note that at private colleges there are fees involved.

Game Store Jobs Opportunity

Image result for game store jobs opportunity

the accompanying are opportunities accessible at sport keep maintaining as much as be crammed :

– cashier

– rack parcel

– facilitator

prerequisites :

– grade 10,eleven or 12

– difficult going for walks

– multi 12 months come across or no enjoy

– capable of peruse and compose

– willing to study and agree

duties :

– packing devices on racks

– strolling at the till as a clerk

– encouraging

simply on line packages can be taken into consideration.quickly deliver your cv



(1) Government subsidy housing (2) Community Residential Units (3) Upgrading of Informal Settlements Programme (4) Emergency Housing Programme (6) Finance Linked Individual Subsidy Programme. (5) Social Housing To apply for any of these, you have to register with your municipality or provincial Department of Human Settlements. You will need to be over 18, and either a South African citizen with an identity book or card, or a foreign resident with a permanent residency permit. Different housing projects are designed for different incomes and so you may also have to provide proof of your monthly income. Depending on where you are, you will be listed on a Municipal Housing Demand Database or your province’s Housing Needs Register. When new projects are built you might be allocated housing. Remember to keep your proof of registration. If you move let the department where you applied know so they can find you if your house becomes available. Note: allocation of government built houses is complex. Each municipality or province has different systems for housing allocation, and so the information here is only a guide of what is available and how to apply. Each municipality has its own system for appeals, but each province’s MEC is allowed to review applications on a case-by-case basis. If your application gets rejected, try contacting your MEC of Human Settlements for help. Government subsidy housing (commonly known as RDP houses) These are houses that have been built by the government and are given to low income families. Government Subsidy houses are owned, not rented, by beneficiaries. To qualify for an RDP house you must meet the National Housing Subsidy Scheme criteria. This means you must be:

A South African citizen Over 21 and mentally competent to sign a contract Married or living with a partner, or single and have dependants (single military veterans or aged people without dependents also qualify) Earn less than R3,500 per month per household (so if two people in your family earn and these earnings amount to more than R3,500 per month you will not qualify) A first time government subsidy recipient A first time home owner If you are disabled you are supposed to be given preference and your house is supposed to be adapted to meet your needs. To apply for a government Subsidy house take the following documents to a provincial office of the DHS, or your municipal offices: Applicant and spouse’s identity documents (green book or ID card) Certified copies of birth certificates of children Proof of income if working, e.g. salary slip You will be asked to fill in a housing subsidy application form. Depending on your province or municipality, you will then be registered on the National Housing Needs Register or your Municipal Housing Demands Database. This is a “waiting list”. Once the project is finalized and the houses built, you will be given keys and a title deed to your home, but it can take many years. It is illegal to sell an RDP house before you’ve lived in it for eight years. It is illegal to rent out an RDP house. To check how far you are on the waiting list for a house call 0800 146 873 or go to your municipality’s website. Note: There is a common misconception that individual ward councillors are involved with the allocation process. They are not! Ward councillors can tell you where to go and who to speak to so that you can register on the housing database, but a ward councillor is not involved in the allocation of houses and you shouldn’t pay a ward councillor to take up your case. Community Residential Units and Housing Programme (CRU) This housing programme is also aimed at households who earn less than R3,500 per month. CRU housing units are for rent and not for sale. This project is aimed at refurbishing inner city buildings and hostels. The municipality will charge you rent to cover the municipal rates of the house. To qualify for CRU housing, you must be: Married or living with a partner or a single person with dependents A South African citizen Over the age of eighteen and mentally competent to sign a contract Have a monthly household income of between R800 to R3,500. Registered on the Municipal Housing Demand Database/National Housing Needs Register If you have previously owned property, you are still allowed to apply for CRU. To apply for CRU housing, you must visit your local municipal office and take: Your ID Certified copy of your spouse’s ID Certified copies of birth certificates of children Payslips and bank statements. Upgrading of Informal Settlements Programme (UISP) This programme tries to provide running water, sanitation, electricity and roads to informal settlements, but not necessarily houses. If your informal settlement receives UISP funding, you can later apply for housing construction assistance through other programmes. To qualify for a UISP, you must meet all the National Housing Subsidy Scheme criteria (see Government Subsidy Housing above), but also people who meet the following criteria can apply: Household with income of more than R3,500 per month People without dependents Child-headed households People who used to own property The following people’s applications will be considered on a case-by-case basis: Undocumented immigrants People who have previously received housing assistance and who previously owned and/or currently own a residential property You cannot apply for UISP. Municipalities identify informal settlements in their area that need upgrades and then apply to their provincial department’s MEC for funding. After funding has been set aside, your community will be invited to come to planning meetings to determine the needs of your community. Caution: This can be a difficult process. A lot of municipalities prefer to relocate entire informal settlements instead of upgrading it because getting engineering services into overcrowded informal settlements can be difficult. Put pressure on your ward councillors and municipal officials to ensure that the budget for UISP is used for upgrading your settlement. “Gap” housing If you earn more than R3,500 but less than R15,000 per month (which is the minimum amount needed to qualify for a home loan from a bank), there are some state-driven housing initiatives which apply to you. Financed Linked Individual Subsidy Programme (FLISP) FLISP helps people who qualify for a home loan to buy a house for the first time. FLISP gives you a grant which can be used to reduce the initial loan amount. This will make your monthly repayments lower. Depending on how much you earn, you can apply for a grant up to R87,000. FLISP grants can be used for both existing houses and to build a new one. Besides getting approval for a home loan and earning between R3,500 and R15,000 per month, you must meet the same criteria as described for RDP houses above. To apply for a FLISP grant, you must first go to your bank or financial institution and apply for a home loan. For that you will need: Certified copy of your South African ID or passport/permanent residence permit Copy of your signed Offer to Purchase the house or property Proof of your current residential address Official salary slip or stamped bank statement showing the last three months of income To qualify for a home loan you have to be over 21, have been employed for a minimum of six months, have no defaults on your credit profile and earn above the minimum salary requirement as decided by your chosen bank. If your home loan application is denied, your FLISP application will not be considered. Once this has been completed: Ask for an “Approval in Principle” letter from the bank. Register on the FLISP website: or go to your municipal offices to register for a FLISP grant. Compile the following certified documents for your application: Home Loan Approval in Principle letter from your bank Completed FLISP application form available from National Housing Finance Corporation (NHFC) website RSA ID document or permanent residence permit Certified copies of birth certificates/RSA IDs of all your dependents, and proof of foster children guardianship (where applicable) Proof of marriage, civil union or partnership (an affidavit can be done for the latter) Divorce settlement (where applicable) Spouse’s death certificate (where applicable) Proof of monthly income Agreement of sale for the property or building contract and approved building plan (where applicable) Once this is done, your completed FLISP application will be sent to the National Housing Finance Corporation to be processed. Social housing programme (SHP) Municipalities and provincial governments can subsidise companies to develop new housing projects if some of the houses are rented as affordable housing. This makes the building and planning of the projects cheaper, which makes rent lower. Each municipality has to conduct an Integrated Development Plan every five years to see what the housing needs are. Participating in your community’s Integrated Development Plan Representative forum is a good way to communicate your housing needs to the municipality. SHPs are mainly (but not only) for households earning between R3,500 and R7,500 per month. You can qualify even if you have benefited from other housing projects in the past, but you may not currently own property. Couples (married or living together) qualify, or single people with dependents. To apply for an SHP, approach your local housing office about planned SHP projects in your area. Depending on the province and project, you may have to apply directly to the institution or company that is managing the SHP. It will have its own screening process. Note: All of the above programmes tend to be advertised during the Integrated Development Plan Forums, or otherwise they should be advertised at local housing offices. Sometimes your municipality or province will advertise online on their websites. Keep a lookout for signs near new developments, or speak to your ward councillor about which projects are being planned. In addition to all the above programmes government also has an Emergency Housing Projects programme, but this is seldom used, so we don’t cover it here. Government housing assistance contact details Housing Enquiries Hotline: 0800 146 873

Gauteng: 011 355 4000 Western Cape: 079 769 1207 (Please Call Me) Eastern Cape: 043 711 9901/2/3 KwaZulu Natal: 033 392 6400 or 033 3365300 North West: 018 388 5403 Limpopo: 015 284 5000 Northern Cape: 053 830 9422 Free State: 051 405 3883 Mpumalanga: 013 766 6087

Shoprite 2018 Black Friday Deals Up to 50% Off

Shoprite 2018 Black Friday Deals Up to 50% Off

We’re bringing the world’s BIGGEST low price celebration to you – for ONE DAY ONLY! This is the perfect opportunity to catch early savings on all the essentials you need before the festive rush.

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We’re going big on savings to join the worldwide Black Friday celebrations with lower prices than ever! All deals are valid on 23 November 2018 while stocks last. Hurry to your nearest Shoprite to save more for one day only!

Shoprite’s slogan isn’t “Lower prices you can trust Always” for noting. This chain store offers some of the best deals in town. They have been open for over 40 years and have upheld the promise to deliver quality goods at low prices since then. This commitment has helped them to become Africa’s largest food retailer. Shoprite has over 400 stores and more than 22 million customers.

Shoprite strives to make life convenient for their shoppers, so, besides the everyday grocery and household items they also have Money Market Services, LiquorShop and MediRite Pharmacies at various stores. This helps customers to get what they need when they need it.

Shoprite also strives to give back to the community, especially during tough times. They have about 130 000 employees and run food subsidies that help to save R20 million across the country during the times that people need it most. That’s not all they do. They also support initiatives in four sectors including those that help to empower women, fight hunger, develop skills and initiate change in communities.

Shoprite has also received some great awards. They are the No.1 food retailer and toy retailer, two titles awarded by TGI Icon Brands. Shoprite is also the No.1 Grocery Retailer, according to Times Sowetan Retail Awards. Lastly, the Sunday Times Top Brands Survey named them South Africa’s No.1 Supermarket. You would think all these awards would go to their head, but it hasn’t. They still maintain that the best thing about their chain is that they have upheld their promise in “bringing you lower prices you can trust, Always”.

Shoprite has a house brand called RiteBrand, which offers quality products at a lower cost, so you can save even more. Their slogan for this is “just like the best for less”. They also run numerous special offers, usually with a money back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied with your

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Game 2018 Black Deals Specials

Game 2018 Black Deals Specials

Game stores open at 7am on Black Friday November 2018.

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Game is Africa’s largest discount retailer. They started in 1970 in Durban when their founders decided that shopping had become tedious and boring, so they opened a fun store where you could find everything you were looking for under one roof.

Game can’t be beaten on the savings front. They offer a deal that if you find the item you purchased at a cheaper price anywhere within 21 days they will refund more than the difference (please ensure you read the T’s & C’s for this offer). They also allow you to bring back unused items if you’ve changed your mind. They will then either swop the item or give you a refund. Game also have a service guarantee on all their stock.

If that wasn’t enough to sway you Game also operates under a strict moral code to ensure your welfare and enjoyable shopping experience. They really go all out, even promising to be a compassionate and responsible corporate citizen. This really shows in their community service initiatives. In the last year alone they have helped fire victims, helped to keep people warm during the winter and provided 43 million meals to disadvantaged children. Game also spend at least 1% of their profits on education based programs to help people learn new skills and get further in life.

Game is obviously in the game for the community as a whole, especially considering the great savings they have on offer with the Game specials.


These CV Template Can Get You Any Job: Download Free CV Templates

These CV Template Can Get You Any Job: Download Free CV Templates. Job Application Curriculum Vitae (CV)-Download Template. The worst part comes when you think you’ve finally got a great CV, but you’re still not getting any interviews.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could find a way to create a CV that would get you an interview almost EVERY time?

Is it possible?

resume builder sample online minimo

It is if you follow the tips I’m about to share with you.

They’ll prove useful no matter if you have no experience and want to write your first CV, or if you’re a professional who wants to know how to write a CV that stands out.

 There are three types of professional CV formats:


  1. Combination
  2. Functional or “Skills-based CV”

Most job seekers choose the reverse-chronological CV format.

1. What does a CV look like?

a) CV Summary or Objective

2. What to put on a CV?

What about the other two formats?

Combination Format

Who’s it for? Highly skilled professionals with tons of skills and experience.

What is it? A format for those who want to build a skills-oriented CV.

Functional Format

Who’s it for? No one.


The layout emphasizes your skills rather than your experience.

The downside?

Your skills are not reinforced by the proof of your experience.

Well, you know that contact information comes first. But what’s next?

The best way to start any killer CV is by introducing yourself.

Recruiters are looking for very specific information, and they’re only going to look for it in the top third of your CV. If you don’t nail it – game over.

That’s why a creative CV summary or objective can save the day.

Here’s what a sample CV looks like when it’s written in the reverse-chronological format. We created it in our CV builder (you can make your CV here):

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Curriculum Vitae (CV) TemplateCurriculum Vitae (CV) Template


Ticket sales for the much-anticipated Nelson Mandela Centenary celebrations match between Mamelodi Sundowns and Barcelona are selling fast, according to Stadium Management CEO Jacques Grobbelaar.

Mamelodi Sundowns will face FC Barcelona at FNB Stadium on 16 May 2018. Picture:

JOHANNESBURG – Ticket sales for the much-anticipated Nelson Mandela Centenary celebrations match between Mamelodi Sundownsand Barcelona are selling fast according to Stadium Management CEO Jacques Grobbelaar.

The match, organised by the Motsepe Foundation and the Nelson Mandela Foundation, was confirmed by the president of the Motsepe Foundation, Patrice Motsepe on Thursday at a press briefing at the Sandton Convention Center.

Motsepe said at the time that tickets were selling at 216 tickets per minute, as soccer fans in South Africa rushed to ticket vendor Computicket.

Later on Thursday evening, Grobbelaar tweeted that 24,862 tickets had already been sold on the opening day of ticket sales for the match.