Dineo vs Thakgalo | Who does Katlego Danke think is her most devious role?

Katlego Danke’s love for acting shows in her work.
Image: Via Twitter/Katlego Danke
Just as peeps born in the 90s are claiming Ma Winnie as the mother of the nation, they know that the millennials consider Zodwa Wabantu as their mother, in soapville we know Katlego Danke as Dineo Mashaba but the 2000s only know Thakgalo…

But who’s the Queen Bee in being mean?

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But who’s the Queen Bee in being mean?

In an interview with TshisaLIVE, Katlego went down memory lane at the mention of her popular Generations’ character Dineo Mashaba. The role, which made Katlego a household name, is one of the most iconic roles she’s played but said that her recent role of Thakgalo on Isidingo is on the same level.

“Some people still call me Dineo, but I’ve had a fair – and growing – share of people that call me Thakgalo when they meet me. I think its maybe about 50/50 now, as the people have embraced Isidingo’s Thakgalo and seem to love her just as much as Dineo if not more.”

For all the 2000s who have no recollection of who Dineo was… well we could tell you but this little video clip might be all you need to see the greatness.

After Katlego left Generations, she took a three-year break from acting to focus on her family and other interests.

However, her comeback as Thakgalo has confirmed that her fire never died and she explained why.

“Acting requires a lot out of a person. What I’ve had to learn is one needs to constantly continue to search for the inner motivation to keep the spark alive.  Sometimes its really hard, just like any other job or a relationship… or anything in life really. You lose that initial love you had as time goes by and its up to you to work on re-igniting it.”

In case you haven’t seen the fire that she speaks of, watch the flame below:

Now, we are sure that whether you are a 90s or a 2000s kid, you can see that there’s no character to big for the petite actress.

But what about that Queen Bee meanie trophy? Who does she thinks is more evil?

Katlego said she couldn’t decide which of the character had more of  the cruella vibe but she said despite Dineo’s legendary evil acts, it seems Thakgalo was fast closing in on her.

So… Thakgalo might just be the one.


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